Aurora is a member of the WellSouth Primary Health Network, which is part of the Southern District Health Board.

Aurora Health Centre provides all usual general practice services including:

  • Immunisations

  • Well child checks

  • Early pregnancy care

  • Minor surgeries

  • Cervical Smears

  • Skin Checks/Liquid Nitrogen

  • Contraception (including Mirena, IUD & Jadelle insertion)

  • Travel Advice

  • Diabetic Checks

  • Cardiovascular Checks

  • ECGs

  • Sexual Health screening advice & treatment

  • Aclasta infusions (which can replace weekly fosamax tablets)

There are two disabled toilets onsite.

There is designated patient parking accessed off Macandrew Road including two disability parks. The car parks for patients are numbered 1-20.

Urgent Appointments

During the day, please phone Aurora first as we can usually fit in urgent patients, if not with your regular doctor, then with one of the other doctors.  We always try to see sick children the same day.  Please keep Dunedin Hospital's emergency department for emergencies.

Test Results

Aurora Health Centre does not notify patients when results are normal, but patients are advised that they can call the nurse to obtain results or request that a copy of the result is sent to them.   Patients are encouraged to sign up for the Connect Med patient portal so that they can look at their own results.
Patients are notified of any (clinically) significant results as soon as possible. This may be in person, by phone or by text if the patient has agreed to this beforehand. If a patient requests notifications by email or fax, please be aware that these may not be secure means of communication.

Home visits

Patients are requested to phone and speak to the nurse about house visits and will be encouraged to come to the practice if at all possible where we have better equipment, medication and nursing support.

The cost is an extra $30 over and above the usual consultation fee.

Repeat prescriptions

We require 24 hours notice to do a repeat prescription.

Please note that we also offer a Urgent Script service. Instead of the 24 hours that we ask for, we will endeavour to have a script ready within 4 hours - with a fee of $25.00

Repeat prescribing is done with patient safety in mind and needs to comply with legal, medical and ethical standards.

We would want to see patients at least for every second script,  ie once every 6 months.
However we do want to see some patients every 3 months. The final decision about whether repeat prescriptions can be done without seeing the patient rests with the medical staff.

A cost of $16 applies for all repeat prescriptions, whether they are collected from Aurora or faxed.






Consultation times are 15 minutes. If more time is needed, eg for drivers licence medical examination or insurance medicals, extra is charged. If patients fail to keep appointments, they may be charged for non-attendance ($25).

*Discount of $5 given if paid on the day of the consultation

Full consult - Child (0-14 years)
No Charge
Full consult - Child (14-18 years) 
$33.00* or $18.00* with CSC
Full consult - (18-64 years) 
$44.00* or $24.00* with CSC
Full consult - (65 & over) 
$44.00* or $24.00* with CSC
ACC Surcharge
Child 0-14 years No Charge 14-18 years $33.00* or $18.00* with CSC 18 years & Over $36.00* or $24.00* with CSC

CSC = Community Services Card

All fees with an * are $5.00 less if paid on day of consult

** See below for fees for first appointments

Full medical or 2nd opinion (double appointment) - $105.00
Drivers licence-Vocational - $100.00

Repeat prescriptions, letters & forms (collected or faxed)  - $16.00

Minor surgery costs $230-260 depending on time and material used.

After Hour's and Urgent Care

The doctors are part of the roster at Dunedin Urgent Doctors & Accident Centre which is located at 18 Filleul Street, Dunedin and is open from 8am-10pm each day (including holidays). From 10pm to 8am, patients are covered for emergencies by Dunedin Hospital emergency department.

New Patients to The Practice

For your first appointment, you are required to come into the practice to book this and pay for it at the time of booking. Please note that this is a double appointment with the doctor.

The fees for first appointments are as follows:

$38.00 for 13-18 years $22.50 if have CSC

$49.00 for 18 years & over $28.50 if have CSC